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Hi! my name is Carolina Werckle. Thank you for visiting my page. If you are here its because you are looking for a Yorkshire Terrier.  You  are in the right place! I have been breeding yorkies for over 29 years. Almost all my breeding stock is al imported from selected international reputable kennels . My line is sound and healthy,  I test with Embark DNA testing and clinical tests for known issues n the breed all the dogs that I bring into my breeding program.  My dogs are known for their sound health with unique baby doll faces.  I do NOT  breed small dogs, I do not have nor will have  anything under 4 lbs. My puppies are cared for personally by me from their first day of life with abundance of love, socialization, handling and interaction with other dogs, I am a successful breeder , I have plenty of references from many yorkie families to whom I have provided healthy loveable dogs and years of happiness. I maintain a close relationship with my yorkie families and over the years I have become very close with many of them, among them are several that have come back for new puppies after they lose the original one due to old age.  You can read what people say about me and my pups here or you can join my  Facebook page. I am located between Las Vegas and San Diego. Puppies can be sent to any State always with a lap nanny.  My puppies are sold to be loved and as companion pets only, no pedigree. I do not sell dogs with breeding rights. All my adult breeding dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) .