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Just love our tiny Dixie Rose

October 24, 2022

So pleased with dealing with Carol. Wanted a smaller Yorkie for my 3-1/2 pounder who loves to play tug of war. My bigger Yorkies just drag her across the house. Dixie will eventually be big enough to play with Eliza Jane one on one. Got her October 2022. Sleeps through the night and uses her pee pad every time. Such a good girl and oh what a happy tail. A true treasure. Thanks Carol.



October 24, 2022

We got Roxie our beautiful girl from Karolina. The experience was amazing she is so knowledgeable on Yorkies. I thank God for Karolina. We fell in love with Roxie 10 1/2 years ago and going strong. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a Yorkie to get one thru Karolina. Her babies are all beautiful!! 🙏😘


Love my Willy!!!

October 23, 2022

We got our Willy from Carolina in December of 2017 and he is the cutest most sweetest dog ever. Carolina takes very good care of the pups as well as the parents. She really loves these fur babies and I would highly recommend her.


Perfect Boy

October 23, 2022

I got my boy Cooper from Carol in December 2020. He has changed my life. I had just lost a yorkiepoo and Carol was so understanding and very knowledgeable. She made the experience of getting another puppy so easy. She loves and cares so much about her puppies and makes sure they go to the best homes.


Beautiful Puppy

July 30, 2022

I recently adopted a Yorkie puppy from Carol. My Daisy is adorable and is super smart, has a great personality, and very sweet. You can tell Carol really cares about each one of her babies. She is helpful and available if you need anything.


No Title

July 3, 2022

I purchased my male Yorkie in March 2016 and my female Yorkie in December 2016, they are the best and the most beautiful babies in the world. They bring us so much joy and happiness thank you Carolina for bringing us such joy in purchasing your gorgeous babies. Would highly recommend any of Carolina‘s Yorkies Carolina is totally honest. We will continue to purchase hopefully another female in the not too distant future❤️❤️❤️


Beautiful, Healthy, Well Bred Yorkie

July 2, 2022

My Jazzy is everything I wanted in a Yorkie! She is perfectly healthy, and a great personality too. Carol is very involved and genially cares for her puppies and the parents of the puppies. I am so pleased after waiting 8 months, Jazzy was worth the wait! ❤️


I cherish my baby! So grateful!

July 2, 2022

I purchased my baby Yorkie from Karolina and am still in love with him today. It was a great experience purchasing him from her. She was extremely kind and patient, and I could tell she cared for her puppies. I highly recommend her as a breeder, and she is my go-to for Yorkies. I have sent many friends looking for new baby Yorkies. Thank you for all you do.


One of a Kind!

June 29, 2022

I have two of Carol’s wonderful puppies! Miss Charlie Jean was purchased back in September of 2018. Charlie has the most amazing personality, very smart and super photogenic. Everyone loves her…she knows how to steal hearts (including all the tough guys in this world😅)! Not long after I got Charlie I decided I needed another blessing so I had Carol put me down on her waiting list. In March of 2022 we brought home Miss Stella Rose, she is also an amazing pup. She has a gorgeous face and markings. She is 100% sass but love her to death! I highly recommend Reaching out to Carol with any of your yorkie needs she is wonderful to work with and breeds some amazing babies!


My girls Chanel and celine

June 28, 2022

I got my Chanel from Carolina in October 2020 she has the most adorable face for Yorkie. Then a year later one of my older Yorkie passed away so I reached out to Carolina again and ask if she can let me have one more girl for Chanel so she won’t be lonely . Then Celine came into our family. She is so smart and joyful. They are loving and inseparable sisters. Carolina is a very experience Breeder and she is very picky on how she wants her girls to look . So Carolina I promise you I won’t give them a bad haircut again😀. I Wish I can send them to you for dog sitting and grooming again soon . They want to see their other mama.


You just know when it’s a pup from Karol!

June 24, 2022

Karol’s pups just have the most perfect faces. You immediately fall in love. Luckily she’s not close by or I would have so many of her pups. They’re healthy, socialized, gorgeous and so perfect to love. My sister and I have sisters from the same litter. We couldn’t be happier!! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a Yorkie.


No Title

June 24, 2022

After researching Yorkies and breeders for five years, I finally found Karolina through a friend who had several puppies from her. I reached out and brought one baby boy home just before the New Year of 2021: My Sig. Let me tell you, I have never had my heart more taken by a creature in my life. Sig was such an incredible addition to our family (and at my side every second), we had to go back for another little boy a few months later: Benelli. We could not be more in love with our perfect little boys. They are everything one would wish for in a Yorkie: beauty, temperaments, dispositions, confirmations, incredible personalities … they are so well behaved (and the cutest things I’ve ever seen) that we take them absolutely everywhere with us. You will never regret having one of Karolina’s. Her lines deliver the absolute perfect Yorkie. We will go back for another … as they are just too exceptional to resist. Karolina has changed our lives in the most precious way: she has devoted her life to ensuring all those blessed with one of her furry babies receives the most perfect Yorkie and loyal companion possible. Thank you, Karolina. You are the absolute best. My heart explodes every single day with gratitude for you as I can’t imagine my life without Siggi & Benelli. 💙


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