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Cash has the most beautiful eyes, you seldom see eyes like his.  His dad is Cerati, his grandparents are Carolyn and Russo.  His coat is pure silk. He has the unique “mad” expresion of the beautiful yorkies.
He is a very sweet boy.
Cash weighs 3.6 pounds.


Russo was born in Russia!  It took him a while to come to me. He is one of my prettiest dogs. The day he came I was speachless!  It was love at first sight. He blended in right away. Toro is his hero! 
Russo weighs 4.5 lbs.


Is my  potpourri boy! His dad is Russo and his mom Carolyn, my best dogs and the base of my current line.  His eyes are unique and expressive he lets me know what he wants just looking at me. Cerati weighs 4.7 lbs.


Toro is my heart dog. I don’t have words to describe my beautiful boy.  He is magnificent, he is unique.  He knows what I need and how I feel and he knows how to make me feel better with the touch of his paws. He is trained as a service dog and never forgets his duty.  He is also a movie star! He has been on TV, on the catwalk more times than I can remember. He has his own followers, people that I don’t even know are his fans! He is only bred once a year at most, he is my limited edition producer. 
Toro weighs 5.10 lbs.


Hassan is an European dog with a beautiful deep gold. I love everything about him. His personality, his disposition, his structure, everything is him is peferct.
Hassan weighs 4.5 lbs.