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Words are not enough to say how adorable she is.  Her face, her eyes, her expression! Her dad is my Torito and the mom is Aurora. Rebeka is a  third generation YorkieRevolution girl.
Rebeka weighs 5 lbs.


Kiki is Aurora’s  sucessor. Her mom is the best girl I have ever had, her pups were always beautiful.  Her dad is Russo.  Her lovely color comes from  her dad, her face is adorable, she is a doll. Right now Kiki is the future of Yorkie Revolution
Aurora weighs 5 lbs.



Sharon’s mom is Juliette, her dad is Cerati, her grandaddy is Russo.  I can not describe this girl, she is simply adorable. 


Jerusalema is the daughter of Sabrina and Camaron. Her face, her colors, her personality are astounding. She is unique in her looks and her actions.  I can’t wait to see the puppies she will produce when I breed her with Cerati.  There are fireworks in my head thinking about the puppies to come. Jerusalema weighs 5 lbs.


Leonela comes from a well established yorkie line, one of the oldest and best recognized lines in Europe, Tesoro del Mundo.  She was born in Russia and came to me as a puppy.  She is the dam of my current litter,  please go over and look at these beautiful girls! Leonela weighs 5.5 lbs.


Honey!  Her mom is La Chacon!  and the dad is Russo.  If I could tell you the reason for her name… I would never finish…. its a long story! Her grandaddy is my foundation boy Camaron.
Honey weighs 6 lbs but she is tiny!


Victoria is also third generation YorkieRevolution.  Her mom is Blondi and her dad is KuntaKinte. Her gradma is La Malvada Victoria and the grandad is Russo.  She is a cute little thing. Her chocolate color is unique, very intense.
Victoria weighs 4.5 lbs


We are so excited!
Juliette is comming to Yorkie Revolution from far away lands! From a very well known and excellent kennel! Her pedigree has very interesting and excellent dogs in the background.  Her colors are rich and her features perfect!  I am so grateful to her breeder who trusted me with her. She weighs 7 lbs


Electra is a Nirvana daughter and her grandmom is Annabelle.  The dad is Camaron, my foundation boy. The pedigree on this girl is outstanding her grandaddy was a world champion. She comes from the Guemart lines, and one of the pedigrees with the most chamions in the history of the breed.
Electra weighs 5 lbs


Sugar is the exact copy of her dad!  Pictures do justice to her beauty.  Her mom is Leonella and her dad is Russo. She has the same deep gold on her head as her dad. Her coat is pure silk. 
Sugar weighs 5 lbs

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was added to our program to continue Toro’s  legacy.  She is adorable! Look at her face! Isn’t she beautiful?
She is one of our future moms.
Lady Gaga weighs 5 lbs.

Lady Gaga!
She has lovely colors. 
I can’t wait to see her puppies who hopefully will have her lovely head


I see Guajira and think about the future. She is the daughter of Russo and Carolyn, full sister with Cerati.  I can’t wait to see what she will produce.  
She is one of our future moms.
Guajira weighs 5 lbs.

Guajira is adorable, very busy and getting along with everyone. 

Kori and Anna

 Kori and Anna are two half sisters. They came from Korea, that is the reason for their names. This is a new adventure with this breed. They come from a kennel in Korea where all the dogs have adorable faces and huge eyes. Their personalities are fun and loving.  Kori was bred and I expect her babies in November. 
Kori and Anna weigh 5.5 lbs