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New Owner Puppy Welcome Kit

You are so close to getting your puppy!  I know I am asking a million questions,  you are asking another million. I have sent pictures, you have a name and very possibly a delivery date and time! So exciting !!
But wait! puppies have needs!  I take special care to start training the puppies to certain living conditions that will make things a lot easier for his or hers new family.  We have to make sure we are on the same page and the puppy will have a similar environment to what it has been used to already.  Potty training, feeding and  nights will be so much easier if you follow my advise.  I am not telling you what you have to do, I am advising to do things a certain way because I know from many years of experience how their little brains work.
You will need some basic things to contain the pup while you can not supervise him,  pups get in trouble, you do not want him running around the house chewing on things and harming itself. You also want to take advantage of the potty training your pup already has.
See below for the setup you need

Puppy Welcome Kit

Some links are active.  Please do your reserch and find better prices if you can. I do not endorse any vendor nor get any return for your purchase.

  • Excercise Pen:
    These are also called xpens. I like the plastic ones because they are light, strong, durable, easy to clean and hose down if needed, they do not rust, easy to fold and transport.   For the same reasons I do not like heavy metal pens.
    The brand I recommend is Iris Pens. They come in panels 36″ wide and 24″ high.   Six panels give a pup plenty of space to sleep, have available food and water and the potty tray in one corner away from the food , water and bed.
    They come in different colors, remeber these pens last a long time and you want a color you like and matches your decor.
    If you buy the basic 4 panels,  make sure to add the additional 2 panels or look for the one that is already six.
    Places where these are available are:
  • Potty Tray:
    Also called  potty pad holder. I can not emphasize enough the importance of the potty tray.  Yes, you can teach your dog to go outside but there will be times when the dog can not go outside: rain, snow, too hot, too cold, a hotel room,  a yard with no fence.  You also do not want to puppy to be confused and start going everywher in the house, your expensive carpets, your beloved rugs… That is why I take the time and make the extra effort to train them from early age.
    I use a potty tray with mesh, on the bottom you can put a disposable potty pad, newspaper, or brown craft paper cut to size.  If you have a male you can add a post or a  little fire hydrant (they sell those) when they start to raise its leg.  You will see your puppy takes to this setup very easy IF you start from the very first day.  He already knows, if you do not change the setup and keep up with the routine, it will be an easy transition.
    I do not like the ones with artificial grass…those get stinky and are hard to clean. Nor do I like the ones with  pellets, those make a huge mess and puppies can eat them and get seriously ill.
    Make sure its the kind that has a mesh to cover the pad or paper that way  there is no risk of finding itty bitty  bits of pads everywhere because the puppy can’t reach it.    The size I like is 18 ”  x 20″  No smaller.  I also like the flat ones so the dog fits inside and does not bump the walls when it squats.   Available at the usual places:
  • Dishes:
    They should be bottom heavy so they can not be tipped on the side, or carried away. Yes, pups will carry them!  So make sure they are heavy on the bottom, ceramic or  stainless steel.
  • Food: I am curently using is Taste of the Wild. I add sardines in water once or twice a week to account for additional dietary needs when feeding grain free.
  • Water:
    Fresh water available at all times. If your city has problems with water please use bottled water to be on the safe side.
  • Treats:
    I do not feed commercial treats. I prefer natural bits of raw carrots, bananas, apples, celery. The dogs love them and they are healthy and good for their teeth.
    Please do not use hooves or antlers. Veterinary dentist report that the most common cause of teeth breakage are hooves and antlers. They are just too hard for dogs.  If a pup or dog breaks a tooth it might need specialized dental care like root canals and other expensive procedures, not to mention the repercussion on their health for life.
  • Toys Dogs chew on things…even toys.  Do not buy small toys that can become a choking hazard or toys with small squeekies that the dog can pull out and choke!  These things can cause intestinal obstructions that end up in life threats and expensive and serious surgeries.
    Make sure the toys are chew resistant and inspect them often to make sure that they pup is not pulling little bits off.
    Please do not buy rawhide.  Pieces of rawhide can be pulled off and when wet become sticky and choke dogs.  Just don’t use these please!
  • Bed:
    Soft beds with bumpers.  The dogs like the lay their chins on the sides. Inspect the beds often to make sure your dog has not pulled out little bits of stuffing.  Be specially careful with zippers.
  • Brush:
    Yorkshire Terrier dogs are long hair dogs. They have to be groomed regularly to avoid matts.  My preference is for pin brushes (the kind that have NO plastic tips) .  Chris Cristensen original brush is ideal. If you brush regularly and maintain your dog  with proper shampoo and conditioner you will have no problem with matts and will never need to have your dog shaved down to the skin nor use slicker brushes.   A nice short puppy cut is easy to maintain between professional groomings.  Please do not cut your dogs hair if you are not a trained groomer. Do not attempt to use clippers or scissors if you do not have experience with them.  Have a professional do it.  You will save time and money and your dog will always look tidy and clean.
  • Comb:
    A metal comb sometimes known as Greyhound comb is ideal.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner:
    I have used many shampoos and conditioners over the years. Time again and again I come back to the same. Its inexpensive, available every where and it does a great job.  Cowboy Magic Shampoo and the Conditoner.
  • Food:
    Recently (after COVID-19 food shortage) I changed to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream.  It is very good. The dogs do well on it.  I add sardines in water one or twice a week,  sometimes I give them raw food.  I add beef broth with no salt to the kibble.  If you order from Chewy they will send it straight to your door.