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Almost ready for your puppy!
You already paid the puppy reservation fee.
Now its the time for the final agreement before you receive your pup.
Read the contract carefully, fill in the blanks, initial and date the pages and sign the last page. Maker sure all the fields are complete.
You can read the contract below before downloading it.

Puppy Adoption Contract

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Date of Contract: Month:______ Day:______ Year:______

  1. Dog Description:

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Call Name:________________________________

Sex: _______________________________________

Date of Birth: Month: _____ Day_____Year:______


Carolina Vielma

  1. Buyer:

Name: __________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
Phone number: ___________________________________

Email: __________________________________________


Purchase Price: $__________

Waitlist: $_____________
Balance: $_____________
(to be paid by direct deposit in bank or Paypal account (Trusted Friend only)):

 4.Terms and Conditions:

 The seller guarantees that the “dog” is a purebred, is in a healthy condition (as of the date of sale), and has had all required vaccinations. Your puppy must be examined by a certified

Veterinarian within 48 hours from the time of purchase or all health warranties is null and void.

 The buyer is responsible for all future vaccinations and dewormings that are needed after the purchase. Health Warranties exclude certain traits that are a predisposition in the Yorkshire Terrier breed adults and puppies that you have chosen.

 The buyer understands and agrees that certain genetic defects are not considered serious or life threatening and therefore are not covered (i.e. hypoglycemia, kennel cough, ear infections/mites, internal/external parasites—coccidiosis, giardiasis, hips, hernias, cherry eye, bites, allergies, and luxating patellas (a condition that is extremely common in this type of dog breed).

The buyer is responsible for all veterinarian bills and/or all medical treatment expenses.

If the seller discloses any known health issues to the buyer at the time of purchase such as:



 and the buyer agrees to purchase the puppy with this condition, the buyer is responsible for all veterinarian costs now and in the future relater to this condition. The seller will have no responsibility for any such expenses.

Limited One Year Health Warranty: If the buyer, within one year from the date of the dog’s birth, discovers any congenital defects in the dog, the buyer may return the dog. In exchange, the seller agrees to replace the dog with another dog of equal value from the next available litter. If another dog does not become available, the buyer will be entitled to a fifty percent (50%) refund of the original purchase price. The buyer must consult with a licensed veterinarian with one year of the dog’s date of birth, as defined in this contract, with written proof from the veterinarian confirming the diagnosis.

If the dog dies due to congenital defects within seventy-two (72) hours from the date of purchase, an autopsy must be performed within twenty-four (24) hours of the dog’s death. All paperwork and test results must be given to the seller.

Accidents are not considered under this guarantee.

Under no circumstance will the buyer ever be allowed to keep the dog and receive money for a replacement dog. Prior to any refund or dog replacement, the above dog and all paperwork shall be returned to the seller.

The purchased puppy must be neutered or spayed and microchipped within four to six months of the birth of the puppy, based on Nevada Law that says: 6.16.010 Mandatory spay/neuter of dogs and cats, 6.16.020 Exceptions to spay/neuter requirements, 6.16.030 Forfeiture, 6.16.040 Time for compliance, 6.16.050 Penalty, and the buyer must be the one to pay for the spay/neuter expense. The seller will never pay for any medical expenses that may follow the purchase of the puppy. The buyer is responsible for all veterinarian bills and/or all medical treatment expenses. The seller will have no responsibility for any such expenses.

The above dog is to be sold for pet purposes only. No breeding is allowed under any circumstance. Prior to ten months of the dog’s date of birth, the buyer must send the seller proof from a licensed veterinarian that the dog has been neutered (male) or spayed (female). If proof is not received within ten months of the dog’s date of birth, the buyer must pay the seller an additional two-thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) for breeding rights. Moreover, the buyer and seller both agree fully that this original contract will be in place for all eternity. If any legal action is taken by the seller, the buyer must pay for all attorney fees and court costs according to the laws of Nevada.

The buyer will notify the seller at least every six (6) months as to the dog’s condition and provide a photo and health certificate at the seller’s request. If at any time the buyer decides he/she can no longer keep the dog, the buyer must first offer it to the seller at twenty-five percent (25%) of the original price. If the seller does not buy the dog back, it can be sold to another party once permission is given in writing. The new owners must sign and abide by this original contract. In the event the buyer moves or relocates, the buyer will notify the seller of their new address and phone number. If there is evidence that the dog is being abused or neglected by the buyer, the seller will repossess the dog with no financial reimbursement to the buyer or the new owner.

Within 6 months of the date of birth of the dog, if anything happens to the dog—such as death or any other ailment—the seller is not responsible. The buyer may not bring any lawsuits against the seller at any time.

Under no condition is the seller responsible for any additional medical expenses except for those described previously.

The undersigned buyer and seller acknowledge this is a legal and binding contract and have received a copy of the signed contract.

 One year genetic contract will expire on: Month:______ Day:_____ Year:_______

 Any information or material which is proprietary to Carolina Vielma , whether or not owned or developed by Carolina Vielma, which is not generally known other than by Carolina Vielma, and which anyone may obtain through any direct or indirect contact may not be disclosed to any person or entity without the prior written consent of Carolina Vielma.

Furthermore, the buyer agrees to never copy or modify any information that pertains to

Carolina Vielma or her company without the prior written consent of Carolina Vielma. If it appears that the buyer has disclosed (or has threatened to disclose) any information that pertains to Carolina Vielma, Carolina Vielma shall be entitled to an injunction to restrain the buyer from disclosing, in whole or in part, the information. Carolina Vielma shall not be prohibited by this provision from pursuing other remedies, including a claim for losses and damages. Upon the written request of Carolina Vielma, the buyer shall return to her all written materials containing information that pertains to her and/or her breeding company.

The undersigned buyer and seller acknowledge this is a legal and binding contract that is valid until the death of the dog. This entire agreement is based on the Nevada Law thereof the dog move to other state or country.

Buyer has received a copy of the signed contract.

 The buyer and seller agree to abide purchase the above mentioned dog on this day of,

 Month: _____ Day:_______ Year:_______


Buyer’s Signature (1):_______________________________

Buyer’s Signature (2):_______________________________

 Seller Signature: ___________________________________