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Welcome to Yorkie Revolution!

Thank you for your interest in my puppies.
If you are interested in acquiring one of my cuties, here is how it works.  We now have a waiting list for those serious about purchasing one of our babies. There will be limited spots on the list and a small non-refundable $200.00 fee will be required in order to be placed on the waiting list. This fee will be credited to the total price of the puppy, and MUST be sent via PayPal ‘FRIENDS AND FAMILY’ otherwise the money will be refunded, PayPal retains the fee, you will not get all your money back, and you will not be in the waitlist. The deposit can also be sent using Zelle. This will hopefully help to relieve the stress of having to rush to reserve a puppy before they are all claimed. I hope it also encourages people to discuss the possibility of a new puppy with their family prior to committing to the waitlist.  Puppies are sold only for pet and family companions, no exceptions. Please do not ask for breeding rights.
If anyone is interested in being added to the list please read over our contract HERE. If you decide you want a puppy let me know, I will contact you with payment instructions. Please note that you will not be officially added to the waiting list until I receive your payment.  If I do not have available puppies: I am not a production breeder; I have a few litters a year NOT a limited number of dogs available.  If you are interested you can join the waitlist in a first come first served basis. Wait time can be from a few weeks up to 6 months.
You can find tons of great references about me from happy families in the group Yorkie Revolution, this way you can be confident and trust me, we are a big yorkie family:
Facebook Group

Many members of that group have puppies from me, please ask for references there, talk with people, ask them about their experience and the type and quality of dogs they got from me.
If you want to know about a specific dog or puppy use the search option on the group. If you enter the name of the dog all the pictures will come up along with their puppies.  Its faster than asking me and waiting for me to find the pictures. Please be kind understand I cannot chat with everyone every day. (I receive too many messages a day!!)  If you are really interested in one of my puppies and want to join the waiting list let me know, we will make arrangements for that.  The wait time on the list can be a few weeks or up to 6 months.
Please understand that I am a busy person with a day job aside from the dogs and puppies to care for.  I work as a groomer with sharp scissors and blades, the chat distracts me, and I can easily cut a dog.  That is the reason I send this message so you get all information from the group before talking directly with me. I really appreciate your interest.
Sincerely Carolina Werckle